Navaratri puja

navratri puja

Navratri puja is one in all the foremost popular pujas done by Hindu households. Navratri puja is devoted worshipping Maa Durga and is alleged to confer great merits and prosperity to the observers. Here is an easy to do Chaitra Navratri puja vidhi for people who want to perform it in their homes.


General rules for Navratri Puja

Navratri puja may be a nice occasion to attach with the foremost merciful Maa Durga, the embodiment of all powers, wisdom, compassion, and glory. Therefore take the puja terribly seriously and exhibit full devotion, concentration and love. Keep the puja place very clean and serene. The purity of the mind and body is extremely vital throughout the puja.


Materials needed for Navratri Puja

Picture or idol of Maa Durga, a tenacious earth pot with fertile soil for sowing seeds, barley seeds, water, Kalash, coconut, a chunk of red fabric, a bunch of mango leaves, flowers, coin, altar for the idol or image, red cloth to unfold on the altar, sacred thread, raw rice, fragrances, flowers, incense sticks, clay lamp with drawn butter and wicks, dishes to offer, camphor, matchbox, puja plate, roli for Tilak, bell, kuttu flour, chana, flour, sugar, ghee, potato and fruits.


Preparations for Navratri Puja

Set up the altar, unfold the red cloth on it, and place the idol or image of Maa Durga. In very few plates, spread all the puja things and keep prepared. Close to the altar, place the clay pot with soil and sprinkle water. Therefore the barley seeds in it. The steps sthapana should be done throughout the proper Muhurat consulting the panchang.


Maa Durga invocation

Install the image of Maa Durga on the red cloth spread on the altar. Tie moil round the image. Chant Maa Durga Mantras and invite her presence within the altar and request her to remain with you acceptive the puja over the 9 days. Repeat the Panchopachara (five offerings) to Maa Durga, These 9 days are very holy days as a result of in lately devoted very kind heart Maa Durga. Maa Durga invocation.